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My style is a feeling !

This title is quite evocative of the way I dress everyday, my style is a feeling ! It is hard for me to categorize my style in one box. When I get dressed, I start with one strong piece and then I complete the rest of the outfit according to my envies, and my inspirations.



I had this oversize top for a year now, but I didn’t wear it before, I was very inspired this day. The top has a wide cut and this sport/baseball style so I had to balance the outfit with something more elegant and feminine. So I chose a high-waisted wide pants, what could be more feminine ? Lol.



You know, Fashion has nothing superficial in itself, it is a form of Art accessible to everyone ! Your style is a brutal way to express your true self. And it is the same thing with make up. Don’t minimize this step, you could dress very simple, but it has to be your choice, not the style required in a magazine or on TV. Speaking of television, if we should get our inspiration from it, we would be topless with louboutins. This is a caricature but it is so true…By the way, I haven’t watch TV for 10 months now, lol, and I feel good.


Well, let’s go back to the outfit, I did this photoshoot with Joël Mank, a young designer/entrepreneur. We shot the outfit next to the Tuileries Garden. How can I devine this look? I think that it is a sport/chic or sport/elegant style. I feel like I was dressed for day and night, it is rare to find an outfit that fits both day and night. Do not hesitate to mix your sporty looks with some elegant piece.



Do you like this look ? Below you will find a video made by Joël, the photographer. Big kiss !




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  1. Je viens seulement de découvrir ton compte Instagram et, de fait, ton blog. J’ai aussitôt eu un coup de coeur pour ton style ! Tu es tout simplement magnifique et ton style diffère de beaucoup de bogueuses. Tu as vraiment une identité propre à toi. Et c’est ce que j’aime beaucoup.

    Très belle découverte ! J’ai hâte de suivre tes prochains articles :)

    Belle journée à toi, des bisous :*

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